Welcome to the Sobeys Nutrition Corner!

Sobeys Inc. (Sobeys) has been a proud partner of Special Olympics in Canada since 2016. Sobeys knows the difference that nutrition education can make in fueling healthy bodies and healthy minds. This is why Sobeys is making more nutrition information and resources available for Special Olympics athletes, coaches, volunteers and families/caregivers.

Sobeys Nutrition Breaks

Nutrition Breaks are bite-size nutrition sessions for Special Olympics athletes, coaches, volunteers and families/caregivers. Created so they can be delivered anywhere and by anyone, eight (8) topics are covered – the updated Canada Food Guide, Healthy Eating on the Go, Hydration, Mindful Eating, Test Your Nutrition Knowledge, Protein Foods, Vegetables & Fruit and Whole Grains.

Nutrition Breaks are perfect for the coaches, volunteers and athletes who want to include more nutrition information in their programs, and families and caregivers who want to include more nutrition education at home. Nutrition Breaks give you the tools and activities to lead a quick 10-minute lesson. Click on a topic below to learn more!


Kitchen and Food Safety

Understand the importance of kitchen and food safety and identify safe kitchen practices to prevent injuries

Meal Planning 101

Planning healthy meals and snacks for the week can help you manage a busy lifestyle and eat healthy foods.

*New* Where Food Comes From?

Eating a variety of foods from Canada’s Food Guide everyday – like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein foods – helps our

bodies grow, keeps us healthy, and gives us energy.
Apple books

Test Your Nutrition Knowledge

There is a lot of information available about food and it is not always true. Learn the truth about some common food myths and test your knowledge through a fun game of true or false!
Balanced Diet Foods

Canada's Food Guide

Following the Canada's Food Guide provides athletes with the nutrients they need to reach peak performance. Learn how to identify foods from all sections of the plate and balance meals.
Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetables & Fruit

Eating a variety of vegetables and fruit fuels athletes’ bodies to help them perform and recover. Learn about the main role of vegetables and fruit and tips for quick and easy ways to eat more.
Shop Your Grocery Store

Shop Your Grocery Store

In this lesson we discuss making healthy food choices at the grocery store. On training or event days, you may need different foods. Speak to a Registered Dietitian for help making a plan specific to

Healthy Kitchen Cupboard

Today, we are talking about filling your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer with healthy foods. Everyone may fill their kitchen with
different foods based on their food preferences, food
Whole Grains bread

Whole Grains

Whole-grain foods are a healthier choice than refined (white) grains. Learn about the main role of whole grains, why they are important and how to choose whole-grain foods.
fuel for sport

Fueling up for sport

What to eat and drink before, during and after playing sports.
Protein Foods

Protein Foods

Protein foods are important because they build and repair muscles. Learn about the main role of protein foods, how to identify them and how to choose healthier protein food options.
Waterbottle Runner


Staying hydrated is important for many reasons. Learn about hydration and why it is so important and how much fluid is needed each day, including while active.
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Healthy Eating on the Go

It is important for athletes to know how to properly fuel their bodies when they are away from home to achieve their best performance. Learn how to make healthy choices when eating out.
Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can help you develop a positive relationship with food. Learn how to understand being mindful and the reasons why you may be eating and how to practice mindful eating.

Wellness Wednesday Recipes – Videos

In May, June and July 2020, Dietitians Rebecca and Veronique hosted Wellness Wednesdays LIVE on the Special Olympics Canada Facebook page. Learn how to make the healthy recipes by clicking on the videos below!

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